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DHCP Establishment and Management

2018-06-25 15:36:46

, design thinking: use two, one simulation server, one as a client inspection results.

II. Main contents of the report

192.16 Establishment and management of DHCP 8.1.253. Experimental goal: Configure the server on it so that its connected host can be automatically assigned to the corresponding address.

Provides a secure, reliable, and simple network configuration to ensure that address conflicts do not occur and that addresses are reserved through centralized management of address assignments. A dynamic configuration system administrator who provides a computer address controls the allocation of addresses by limiting the lease time. The lease time limits the amount of time that a computer can use an address that has been assigned to it.

First, a brief description of the experimental content

"Operating system" experimental report

Experiment title: Construction and management

,Experimental requirements :() Follow the steps to complete the configuration task. () Verify the final result. Summarize the experimental experience:

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