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Dell E series in Vista how to set up ADSL dial-up connection

2018-01-12 10:57:06

How to set up in

dell E series in Vista ADSL dial-up connection method.

a, set ADSL, residential broadband connection PPPoE protocol used in the connection Settings before

turn on the power, ADSL Modem and good connection cable

1, right-click on "network" in the start menu, midpoint open "attributes" in the pop-up menu to open "network and sharing center".

2, in the center of the network and the contribution on the left side of the task midpoint open "set up the connection or network.After

3, select the "connected to the Internet" click "next".

4, point card "broadband" (PPPoE).

5, according to the prompt for broadband user name and password provided by the company, and choose "remember this password then click the" next.

set up the "allow others to use this connection" will pop up when the user account control prompt box, if you have encountered, click "continue" to go.After the

6, set up, click on the "off" open close the Settings window.

(2) on the desktop to create shortcuts to broadband connection method

1, in the network and sharing center task list on the left of the middle open "management network connection".

2, set up in front of the open window right click on the "broadband link" icon, in the pop-up menu, click click "create a shortcut.Shown in

3, when prompted, click "yes".

4, close the Settings window, already had "broadband link" on the desktop icon, point to open and then click the "connect" to connect to the Internet.

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