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Dell server how kind

2018-01-11 10:23:55

Dell co., LTD. (English: Dell Technologies) is headquartered in the United States, Texas landreau grams of research and development, selling and providing computers and related products and services companies, led by Michael ·Dell was founded in 1984.Founded at the beginning of the company is the name of the PC & # 39;S Limited, in 1987 changed to the current name.Dell production, design, sales of household and office computer, but it is also involved in high-end computer market, production and sales server, data storage device or network equipment, etc.Dell's products also include software, printer and other smart phones and other computer peripheral products.

dell PowerEdge R930 rack-mountable server

PowerEdge R930 server to achieve scalability and high speed, improve the performance of enterprise applications, including CRM, ERP, OLTP and memory database.Carrying v3 2.1 GHz Intel xeon E7-4830, 30 m cache, 8.0 GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT, 12 c/t (115 w) maximum memory 24 1867 MHz.PowerEdge R930 through flexible extension, transaction processing and operations can be optimized, and significantly reduce delays.Use of Intel & reg;Xeon & reg;Processor E7 v4 products (24 cores per processor), 4-way R930 can be extended to cope with almost any challenge.

with the help of PowerEdge server embedded intelligence, that is, with a life cycle controller integrated remote access controller (iDRAC8) and dell OpenManage Essentials, in the physical, virtual, local and remote environment efficiently manage dell server.OpenManage to automate most frequently executed without the need for proxy server administration tasks, including the deployment, update, monitor and maintain, and is not affected by the installed operating system or hypervisor.

dell PowerEdge 12 g R720xd rack-mountable server

has a strong and balanced performance, the enterprise can use PowerEdge R720xd rack-mountable server's excellent functions, meet a high local storage and I/O performance of the requirements of the application.Intel & reg;Xeon & reg;Processor E5-2600 or E5-2600 v2 product series, with as many as 24 dual in-line memory module (DIMM), which significantly improved application performance.22 nm process technology was used to construct, each processor to provide up to 12 kernel, it could be used to realize the super fast computing intensive tasks, processing capacity.Can provide balanced, scalable I/O functions, including support for PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0 integrated expansion slot, improve data center performance.Using PowerEdge

R720xd rack-mountable server functionality and flexibility, to meet the large mail servers, Web hosting, database or other enterprise application needs..The infrastructure of the next generation of reliability, availability and maintainability (RAS) capabilities, maintain high data center efficiency, safety and maintenance level.

dell PowerEdge C4130 rack-mountable server

poweredge C4130 is a high density server rack type, designed to speed up the processing of a series of demanding workload (including high performance computing (HPC)).C4130 in just 1 u space with as many as four 300 - watt double wide GPU accelerator and coprocessor, has five specially tailored to meet your requirements unique configuration, can provide excellent performance, flexibility and efficiency, and reduce your space, cost and management needs.Equipped with Intel®Xeon®V4 processor E5-2600 series of products (up to 2 processors) and the highest 1 TB DDR4 memory, can provide excellent extensibility performance, with two rear PCIe slot 3.0, and support the InfiniBand FDR, which can realize flexible I/O connection.

even a single CPU system, but also to support a variety of configuration options, including support for up to four gpus or coprocessor.Thanks to this outstanding server computing throughput, the user can be faster to obtain higher accuracy of the results.C4130 supports up to four pairs of 300 W accelerators, including NVIDIA®Tesla®The GPU and Intel & reg;Xeon melt nuclear & trade;A variety of options, coprocessor obtain unprecedented performance improvement.

editorial: how about dell server, and the introduction of dell and its PowerEdge server series is here.

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