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Desktop computer how to set up wireless network connection

2018-01-22 17:38:16

now the wireless Internet applications is generally, but the desktop itself is without a wireless network module, so the first thing we have to need a wireless network card, suppose we have a wireless network card, USB wireless network card first insert any USB interface of the desktop computer in

here in the case of Windows 7, Windows 7 or above system compatibility strong, detected after the USB wireless card will automatically detect the USB wireless network card driver.Note if it is XP system may need to insert the driver CD computer installed

driver installation is completed, we can see hints,

the success of the installation it is necessary for us to open "The device manager "To detect the network card installed, in case with a yellow exclamation mark

nic driver installation after the completion of our lower right corner of the screen to right click on the network connection icon, and then choose "Open network and sharing center "

in open "Open network and sharing center "Can top corner can see only "Local connection "And this is the cable.We then click on the upper left corner of the "Change adapter Settings "

and then in the open "The network connection "Window, right-click the just installed wireless, selection "Connection/disconnection "Command will pop up

wireless connections list, select we need to connect wireless network, and connect the

if you need a password, enter the correct password and then click " wireless link;Identify "Continue to wait for a moment to see

wireless connection is successful already

we open again "Open network and sharing center ", you can see has a wireless Internet connection, and show that we have already connect wireless network

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