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Desktop computers have no wireless network card how to look

2018-01-15 17:26:05

you know a lot of laptop installed wireless card, and now many desktop computers also install a wireless network card, wireless card in the computer, we connect the WIFI Internet is very convenient, so how to check my computer is equipped with wireless card?Small make up here under the specific check method, the hope can help to friends.

1, here small make up method is introduced to see through the Windows 7 system, click the right mouse button on the computer icon, then click properties to open the menu.In

2, open the system properties window, click on the left side to open the device manager.In

3, the device manager interface, find open network adapter.In

4, the network adapter can view the device with WIFI on, if there are no instructions on your computer is not equipped with wireless card.If you have WIFI on equipment that your computer has a wireless network card.

5, of course we can also click on the lower right corner of the desktop network, open network and sharing center.In

6, the network and sharing center, click open change adapter Settings.In

7, the network connection, we can see here is there a sign of the wireless network connection, if there is no instructions on your computer wireless network card, if you have here will show a sign of wireless network connection.

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