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Detailed router settings and access to the router

2018-05-23 13:39:09

The user names and passwords of all domestic or each brand routers are different! However, the general account and password are both admin. If not, you can find the corresponding router brand and password here.

< p> ZTE

username: adsl password: adsl831

omnidirectional QL1680

IP address

username: admin , Password: qxcomm1680

Digital China/ASUS:

Username: adsl Password: adsl1234


Username: Root password: root


username: admin password: dare


username: admin password: 12345


username: anonymous password: 1234


username: anonymous password: 12345


Username: admin Password: admin


Username: admin Password: 1234


username: root secret Code: root

Username: user Password: user


Username: adsl Password: adsl831

Omnidirectional QL1680< /p>

IP address

User name: admin, password: qxcomm1680

Administrator password: qxcommsupport.

Omnidirectional QL1880

IP address

username: root, password: root

1, omnidirectional QL1688 IP address, user name is admin; password is qxcomm1688

2. TP-LINK TD-8800 enters in IE, user name is admin, and password is admin. p>

3, Zyxel zyxel 642 In operation, enter telnet password 1234

4. Ecom ED-802EG In IE enter, username and password are root

5, China Digital 6010RA, enter in IE user name is ADSL, password is ADSL1234

6, Huawei's SmartAX MT800's initial IP is, username and password are ADMIN, There are two methods to restore the default configuration

. One is to press the RESET key three times behind the MODEM continuously, and the other is to select the restore default in SAVE&REBOOT

of the configuration menu. Configuration.

7. Itaiq: IP: Username: supervisor Password: 12345

8. ASUS IP: Username: adsl Password: adsl1234

9. Alcatel generally does not have a password.

10. Same-dimensional DSL699E Username: ROOT Password: ROOT

11. Daiya DB102 Username: admin Password: dare Advanced Settings


12. WST RT1080 Username:root password:root

13. WST's ART18CX username:admin password:conexant username:user


14. V3.2 root root V5.4 root grouter

15. Pande admin conexant

16. Eastcom Ea700 used account name: empty Password: password

17, broadband hsa300a username:broadmax password:broadmax

18, Changhong ch-500E username:root password:root

19, Chongqing Putian CP ADSL03 username:root password:root

20, Taiwan breaks EA110 RS232:38400 usernameSL pswSL

21, etek-td's ADSL_T07L006.0 User Name: supervisor

Password: 12345 Forgotten password solution: Rewrite Vxworks using the HyperTerminal Xmodem method. The dlf, secret

code is restored as: 12345 22, GVC's DSL-802E/R3A username:admin

password:epicrouter username:user password:password

23, Kemai iphone km300A-1 username: password: password Kemai iCom km300A-G username:root password:root Kemai iCom km300A-A

username:root or admin password:123456

24, sunrise's SR-DSL-AE username:admin password:0000 sunrise's

< p> DSL-802E_R3A username:admin password:epicrouter username:user


25, UTStar's ut-300R username:root or admin password:utstar These are all

Some ADSL's factory default initial IP, user name and password are to debug these settings. Must know the East.

West. There are three ways to debug these settings. One is the most common WEB method, which is to fill in the browser in the browser

IP, such as QX1680, enter in the browser address bar. , After the prompt bar, enter the user name admin, secret

code qxcommsupport, you can set the administrator interface. The most common and simplest is this method. The second way is to use the TELNET method, telnet IP, such as early Zyxel 642, method telnet, and then enter the

password 1234, you can enter the full English character interface. The third method is to use the manufacturer's own configuration program to enter the

configuration interface, such as CyberLink 6307/6309KG which is used on the CD that comes with the Cybrlink 6307/6309KG.

DSLCom. Exe, factory default value: routing IP address: 1 password: stm, due to this method is not

the first two methods are convenient, so the current low-end products are less used. Most of the debugging of the products is to pass through the twisted-pair connection of the product. After setting up the IP of the local network card, the IP address of the local network card is set to the same network segment as the configuration, and then the configuration is performed. For example,

The settings are changed to the default IP or password, and most of them can be reset to restore the factory defaults. The most common and most useful method is to use the power-off button, press and hold the reset button, and then power it on for a short period of time to restore it.

CT-500 root/12345

26. ZTE adsl841 default IP:, UserName: admin, Password: private

Chengdu Tianyi user name: admin Password: epicrouter

Shanghai Zhongda User Name: (optional) Password: 12345

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