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Determine the cause of disconnection and router related failures

2018-05-23 10:22:27

In fact, suddenly disconnecting the Internet when surfing the Internet, or the network is sometimes slow, is a common thing, it can be said that most of the time the problem is in the router settings, that is to say to enter to enter the router to solve the problem, this article Xiao Bian will not explain step by step, just pick some necessary steps to explain the problem of broken network and whether it is the failure of the router The problem, please see the following:

1, check the router settings and network settings, mainly IP and DNS, light cat and router address is set to a different IP.


2. If you are sure that your settings are correct, dial the network operator's customer service phone and check if the home network is open.


3, directly use the light cat to connect to the Internet to see if the network is open.


4. Insert the other end of the network cable that is inserted into the wan port into any LAN port on the router and try to connect to the Internet through a computer. If the network can be connected to the network, there is no problem with the network cable between the router and optical cat. In addition, you can also use another network cable connection to determine if there is a problem with the original network cable.


5. Observe if the lan port corresponding to the network cable connected between the computer host and the router is always lit. If not, it means the network between the two is connected. The road is open.


6, through the above steps, you can determine the router is most likely to have problems.


7, cut off the power of the router, shelved for a while, wait until the heat cool, re-access the network cable, observe the connection situation. It can be repeated several times. If it does not work, it can be determined that the router is broken.

8, you can take the router to the repair shop to repair it, you can also directly buy one.

The above steps are some views on the router disconnected network or other router configuration issues, but this does not mean that this is all the solution to the problem, but also need to pay attention to the PING router gateway need to pay attention to some of the previous Related settings.

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