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Diagram specific ways to set the router speed limit

2018-01-19 17:30:19
Many people may speed limit on the router is not particularly known to set up, here we mainly introduce the router speed limit set of specific methods, let you are not in trouble for the thunderbolt or BT download.
in the process of using a router, we often use thunderbolt and BT download, and they are special take up speed, so the router speed setting is very important, so I study the router speed limit set of specific methods and steps, here, take it out and share with you hope useful for everyone.

1, Tl - R4148 router speed limit set

open first QOS setting switch, ascending and descending total broadband router is configured to 100000 kbps

respectively and then to the QOS rule set: "Add a new entry ", enter the IP and port, the model had better choose independent broadband.

2, huawei H3CER3100 router speed Settings screenshot

this router download KByte/s value, also is the actual download.Speed limit set by the above two routers, I can see the same limit the speed of download speed is 512 KB, but the value is quite different.As long as pay attention to see "Kbps"Or "KByte/s".Two kinds of six to one.

3, according to the bandwidth of the export of

router speed Settings

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