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Discuss the specific setting method of multiple routers

2018-06-11 15:00:07

The application of multi-routers is also more extensive. Here we mainly analyze how to set up multiple routers. Under what circumstances will use multiple routers? Under normal circumstances, there are several situations. According to our help to the customer to debug the network, and our own usual experience:

First, the company has a lot of computers (generally more than 20) computers, and only one to broadband. In this case, you need another ADSL. Form a dual ADSL or multiple ADSL (broadband) to go online. This requires two routers or more.

Second, the two departments of the company need to separate and use two or more routers. In order to achieve access between multiple routers.

Third, the company has both wired and wireless computers and generally uses wired and wireless routers to coexist.

Four companies have more routers. There are few switches. Routers are used as switches (Oh. Now that multiple routers are cheaper, this is rarely the case before. Now it's a lot more), because routers are bound to conflict if they default to one another. Here's a brief introduction to the coexistence of multiple routers.

The first case. Take multi-router with two ADSL as an example. This can be set up. Assume that Router A has the primary route IP address The new ADSL router B is attached to the router. Router A does not need to be set. Press the default on the line. Router B's IP is changed to and its DHCP function is turned off. Both routers can be connected to the same switch. Set the IP address of some computers to 192.168.1.X, the network card to, and the DNS to the local DNS address (such as Shenzhen's primary DNS is In this way, the computer that sets the IP accesses the Internet through multiple routers B. Now. This achieves the effect of shunting.

The second case. Assume that multiple routers A have the primary router IP address and the second router B. Change the IP address to and enter Router B again. Set the WAN port to static IP. The IP address is 192.168.1.X, and the network card is, so Router B is equivalent to a computer receiving Router A. The computers under Router B can access each other. But you can't get access to Router A above. But all can access the Internet at the same time.

In the third case, the main multi-router is generally wired. Wireless routers are used only by wireless APs. This has several advantages. One is that the wired multi-router is relatively stable. The speed used to connect INTERNET is also faster. 2 Wireless routers are used only for wireless communications and are not wired. This signal will be greatly strengthened. Originally there was no signal too far because of this connection. There is also a signal. This method of connection is wired multiple routers or the original settings. The IP address of the wireless router is changed to 192.168.1.x. The DHCP function can be enabled on the same network segment as the wired router. The opening method is set in this way.

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