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Dlink wireless router how to set the password regular settings D-LINK wireless router graphic -tplin

2018-06-01 15:06:14

In fact, this site Xiaobian is not very like the DLINK brand router, but the current look at this brand of router users is still many, so the contents of this related router settings

D-LINK router how How to set the password for D-LINK wireless router graphic tutorial

When your computer is connected to a D-LINK wireless router, you can make the following wireless network settings for the DI-524M: 1. Open IE In the browser, type in the address bar, click Enter, and enter the D-LINK wireless router username and password to access the router configuration screen.

2. Click on the left side of the wireless settings

The DI-524M wireless function is activated by default. After the D-LINK wireless router, the computer can find the device through the wireless network card; the default wireless network name (SSID) is dlink (can search The name of the device); the default channel is 6; by default there is no security method.

The wireless network name is what the computer can do Names of discovered wireless networks. Some routers are also known as SSIDs.

The wireless channel can be manually selected or the automatic scanning channel function of the D-LINK wireless router can be used.

It is recommended to use the automatic scan channel feature to avoid frequency interference from other wireless networks.

Encrypting wireless networks is an important method of securing wireless security.

Activating wireless can either turn off the wireless function of the D-LINK wireless router.

Three, there are the following security modes to choose from: WEP, WPA-Personal, WPA2, WPA2-Auto. For the average user, WEP or WPA-Personal can be selected.

There are two options for WEP encryption. One is 64Bit, and the other is 128Bit.

There are two types of passwords: HEX (hexadecimal) and ASCII.

In 64 Bit Encryption, the HEX password method needs to be filled with 10 hexadecimal characters (that is, between the numbers 0-9, letters A-F or a-f), ASCII code method Need to fill in 5 ASCII characters (hexadecimal), the password can be filled in one or four WEP passwords. After completion, click Save settings until the D-LINK wireless router is automatically reactivated and configured. .

The D-LINK wireless router has been set up to complete the wireless network. I hope to help everyone.

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