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Dlink624 set by the detailed explanation

2018-06-25 16:06:27

Just bought the machine no problem, according to the instructions, all the steps are accurate, to the forum to find posts, home ADSL, Ningbo Netcom, the local connection has been connected, but the web page can not be opened, do not know how to solve!!!

Cry! Settings in the WAN IP address display are all 0

My home computer is not directly connected through Lu You can access the Internet normally, but after the land tour is invalid, no matter how set, that PPPOE total Even if you are offline, you don't know how it is going.

Before you move, you can use telecommunication. You can't use Netcom after moving. You can call Netcom customer service, and the other party also explains the land. Device does not have.

Try a lot of methods:

Device reset settings

Firmware version upgrade, etc.

d-link router The password will not work.

Are the land routers not suitable for Ningbo Netcom?

Obviously, you are not set up. Is there a DNS entry for Ningbo Netcom in your local connection or wireless connection? I feel it should be no, and since there is no broadband connection, I deleted it. The trouble of the province always jumps out of that connection. You try to enter and, and then enter this and then go into the settings, there will be running wizards like that, and after entering you will need to enter your account password, it is very simple. I can't go to the internet to find me.

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