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Dlink switch configuration

2018-01-08 14:07:51

dlink switches configuration was the subject of many friends concern, wide-area switch is a complete the function of information exchange in communication system equipment.Switches have multiple ports, each port has the function of the bridge, can connect a local area network (LAN) or a high performance server or workstation.In fact, switches, sometimes called multiple port Bridges, is to make a brief introduction of dlink switches configuration below.

dlink switches configuration on port aggregation operation, detailed illustration is given below.Included into the configuration page from a web page and the add button way to increase the aggregate group.D -

1, from the web interface into the equipment link switches configuration page, click the configuration to see the following interface.

2 group, click the add button to add a polymerization, the following figure.

group id is set to 1;State to choose the enable

dunk groupname input,

type static,

master port and member unit options, option 1 in the portmap, 2 for aggregation group click apply to complete the setting.

when pc1 and pc2 ping cannot pass each other, need also aggregated in the des - 3226 - s configuration, configuration interface is the same as the DGS - 3312 sr.Two sets of d -

link switch configuration is completed, two PCS can ping.You can through monitoring and statistical functions on the second floor to see aggregate group data traffic, you will find always send from one of the port, and no load balancing.This is because of the 3226 s aggregation is not support for load balancing.Which

unplug any Internet line, observe aggregation group port, will find that communication is normal, but the show was disconnecting port have failed.

completion of the experiment, the group can be stacked to cross switch ports can be stacked in the group trunking different switches in the port to the same vlan, the above method.

ports trunking technology is mainly used to increase the link bandwidth, because it to several port combination as a logical port, so the increase of bandwidth at the same time, will not form a loop.More than

is a simple introduction about dlink switches configuration, hope to have the certain guiding role.

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