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Dns wrong what does it mean

2018-01-15 12:34:03

you ever met a DNS error or is able to on QQ but can't open web pages?Or open the web page of the super slow?DNS error is what mean?These are likely to be DNS Settings error or is not set, the following we will how to solve the problem of DNS error, and how to set up the DNS to browsing the web.

tools/raw material

Windows XP / 7 & amp;TREEWALK

free DNS address: or (one of the best free DNS in domestic, it is recommended to use) or Fsat DNS

DNS is the abbreviation of the Domain Name System (Domain Name System), it is composed of the parser and Domain Name server.Domain name server refers to hold all hosts in the network domain name and the corresponding IP address, and has the function of transform domain for the IP address of the server.The domain name must correspond to an IP address, does not necessarily have a domain name and IP address.

in fact, we usually visit the web site, for example, we visit baidu, then we enter www.baidu.com in the browser and then through the network, after the parser and translation of the domain name server, we had successful visit to real IP address of the baidu, so from here we can see, if DNS error or wrong, then we don't would be able to access this page, even if occasionally can access is open very slow very slow.The experience set the DNS, is set the IP address of the DNS server.Methods

/ steps General we didn't set the DNS system is in a state of automatically by default.XP look at methods: start -- - control panel -- the network connection -- the local connection properties -- - Internet protocol (TCP/IP) properties -- - We can see the default Settings.Windows 7 check methods: start -- control panel -- - network and sharing center -- - point of the view behind the local connection status attributes -- - Internet protocol (TCP/IPv4) 4 -- attribute and then will be able to see.(this is my own set, so don't get an automatic option)

if we find in the condition of automatically receive prompt DNS error, so we will be your manual for system set up the correct DNS address.Select "Use the following DNS server addresses ", and then fill in your address is ok, normally we fill in two, a preferred DNS server addresses, a secondary DNS server address (this also can not).

free DNS address: (domestic speed is faster, it is recommended to use u u u u u), we can according to their own home broadband operators actual setup DNS server address, if you use is Shanghai telecom broadband as I do, and then you can set up like me.Set to determine later can.Then you can run your browser to check the effect.General tips DNS error or only on the QQ can not access the web page problems can be solved (sometimes because IE problems can cause cannot access the web page, we can in the Internet attribute set the last page of reset IE).

the above method for fixed in a region on the Internet is still a good friend, but for some travel or those who often go to other cities, so after fixation is in trouble, in a province to manually change a DNS address, so I am here to introduce a small software, called TREEWALK, can realize the native DNS, double-click will automatically extract and install after download, after the installation will automatically set your preferred DNS as, then inside your computer services will be more than a TREEWALK DNS service, if you want to Stop the service, you the following: -- all program -- - TREEWALK -- service -- Stop DNS service can be ~ ~ ~ if you want to open services, select Start DNS service.The software is basically good, is after you pull cables or disconnect network, there will be a brief system suspended animation (actually in the process view is the service process of a high CPU, you can end it is back to normal)

p. s. killed off part may be shot some files under the installation directory, so the software is suggested that the veteran computer use only.

the last I give you recommend a simple use of small software, can help you quickly set up appropriate your current network environment of the DNS server address.Software named "The comet DNS optimizer (Fast DNS) ".This is a green software, no installation, can be run directly on the hard drive, interface is as follows: we simply click "A key to complete (recommended) "Can, at the bottom will be displayed in the status bar, "Speed is underway, please wait...Throughout the &;A total of 1919 built-in global DNS server IP address, and the whole test process in about 2 minutes to complete.Then automatically for you to delay minimum 10 address write in your system, then prompt "Automatically set to complete "Click ok to set the end.We can then click on the above "Response time "So that these DNS address will automatically according to the speed of response time arrangement, we can see the software automatically set what a DNS server IP address, the following figure.Give me my computer automatically set is outlined above 10.Basic it is Shanghai local DNS server address.

p. s. use is very convenient, the software can help you get set up just one key, strongly recommend you to use.The measured effect also is very good.

so far, about what is the meaning of DNS relevant explanations, and meet the DNS error can't surf the Internet solution is introduced here.To meet the DNS error when this problem can be solved.

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