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Do not let the small household fire hazards brewing disaster, protect the future smoke alarm to buil

2018-01-29 13:46:46

recently, henan new ones in home of the residents of a fire, a pregnant for eight months pregnant women were trapped.A time of crisis, a passing man stood up and down the wall to climb on the third floor with the firemen saved the pregnant women.,

the day the incident, Ms. Sun eight months pregnant, alone at home, sitting room electrical system result in a fire, until she found, the room was filled with smoke, can't open the door to escape, panic in Ms. Sun also don't know where is the mobile phone, only out of the window for help.Due to the timely rescue, Ms. Sun and belly baby are fine.

in recent years, because electric appliances, circuit caused by the growing fire, among them, the most common way to overload electrical wiring short circuit, loose contact, circuit aging, household electrical appliances is unqualified or caused by improper use, etc.And the main cause of home fires is usually most people paralysis, there is a certain degree of fluky psychology, think the fire is the somebody else things, with his from far away, and did not take preventive measures in a timely manner., 

at ordinary times even a tiny bit of a negligence can let the life is in danger, a small fire hazards can disaster, make good happy family destroyed in a twinkling of an eye, or even the destruction.So don't claptrap revolt "hanging" again, for the sake of the family, but also for yourself, your home, please add a security, give yourself a peace of mind.

to protect the future smoke alarm arises at the historic moment, "firewall" for family building safety.It can be in the early stages of the fire, accurate detection of fires and promptly report to the police, to timely stop the fire spreading fast and orderly evacuation crowd, fire and reduce fire may cause property damage, and even has important significance to protect the safety of life, and effective.

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