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Do not understand the installation of fiber fast connector?

2018-01-05 10:31:18

optical fiber's most troubling is fragile, slightly bending extrusion or signal is broken.Optical fiber connector is fiber optic lines connecting head and light cat, it is not like before we use asld telephone line type connector and durable.Optical fiber quick connector is easy to damage, and every change need to pay 100 yuan for maintenance.Really good friends can try to make myself beginning ability connector, the cost of replacement can be greatly reduced.I would now like to introduce how to install fiber optic quick connector.

fiber quick connector installation is divided into hot and cold two, need fusion machine and high technique is not suitable for a layman, grasp me introduce here is cold connection.We only need the cutting machine of the fiber is ok, a lot of great god can only use needle nose pliers to connector connected and there is no recommends using the method of this high technology.

the first step in the preparation of the instruments.Cutter, and we will have prepared ready quick connector, the connector before open, take a look at the embedded optical fiber is broken inside.If there is no broken fiber inside, as long as we carefully remove optical fiber, then put in new production good optical fiber head, cover cover is ok.In most cases is optical fiber embedded in the connector line rupture, this is the connector can no longer be reused, need to replace new to use.

the second production of connector.We first observed the structure of the connector: a blue shell, black fiber cold body with a cable gland, terminal connector screw cap.After getting to know the structure of the optical fiber connector, we to make the optical fiber connector.Will note the fiber optical fiber through the skin, line cannot be bent, or it is unusable.Through the skin, after we'll screw cap sleeve to optical fiber, set up after the first don't tube he.The optical fiber of the skin stripped for a period of more than 22 mm of bare wire, this is because we will use 22 mm fiber head for a while.Peel, we must use optical fiber cutting machine here, this thing is not easy to buy expensive also.The optical fiber head on cutting machine cut the part more than 22 mm.After the above steps a standard optical fiber connector is ready.

the third connection connector and optical fiber.Insert the optical fiber head from the connector at the back of the hole, the depth of the insert with optical fiber slightly bent.Don't too hard, put in order to avoid breaking.Then the cover of the quick connector up to fasten on optical fiber connector, and then the fiber quick connector screw cap screw fixed.

fiber quick connector installation steps are not complicated, but for the installation of higher technical requirements.Fiber of cleanliness requirements is higher, if at the time of installation stained would be a bad or interrupt signal failure.To see a friend on the net with his nails to strip line, tangent, such an approach is not feasible, will cause the fouling of the fiber.If you make the optical fiber connector can't use quickly, probably because in the process of installation because is not careful will catch bilge fiber or is broken.

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