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Does the router need to be closed at night, and what's the advantage of often closing the router

2018-01-04 14:54:36

router is one of the basic became each family essential equipment, but some friend fear night sleep will be affected by the router radiation, then the router at night need to be closed?What are the advantages of often pass the router?Take a look at.


in general, a lot of net friend home router basic every day is open 24 hours a day, according to an online survey, only 24% of users choose to shut down the router in the evening, often more than more than 60% of the users, basic it is driving a router for a long time, not to shut down.What's good about

often pass the router?

1, prevent damage of router

thunderstorm weather, some quality closes nevertheless routers can easily become poe-mh, light damage to the router, or caused by the comprehensive power outages and damage to other household electrical appliances;

2, reduce radiation

open wireless router will produce a certain amount of radiation, although little harm, but over time may also cause some damage to human body.

3, extend the service life of the router

open router will reduce the service life of the equipment for a long time, especially in the hot summer weather, the router may be due to bad heat dissipation, easy to appear some fault.


suggest home users, can think of is shut down, on the one hand can save electricity and radiation, at the same time, the thunderstorm weather comes, also can reduce the security hidden danger, in addition, the timing closure routers can prevent being rubbed net and invasion.

of course, often to close or open the router can sometimes seem to be some trouble, if it is to buy some of the smart routers, can be smart setting opening and closing time, it is more convenient.The router, however, the price is cheaper, use for a long time actually radiation also very weak, very small impact on health.In addition to the thunder clouds weather suggested that shut down the router, watch their preferences with other situations.More than

is a router night need to be closed What are the advantages of often pass the router The details, hope to help you.

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