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Dual Antenna Design, D-Link, DIR-615 Wireless Router

2018-05-22 10:36:47

D-Link's DIR-615 wireless router is designed for a wide range of home offices, small and medium-sized enterprises, it meets the 802.11n network protocol, and uses two 5dBi high-gain antenna, has a wide coverage, can Allows users to have a stable wireless connection and easily share network resources.

The dlink wireless router sets the transmission speed of the DIR-615 wireless router to 300M, and has IP traffic control to prevent individual users from using too much bandwidth while downloading, so that network resources can be reasonably allocated. In terms of security, this product supports WPS one-key encryption, can set VLAN, SSID, unauthorized access, and information security. At present, the price of this wireless router is 190 yuan. Consumers in need can consider it.

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