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Dual WAN Interface Routers Implementing Telecom Netcom Access Settings

2018-07-11 14:13:10

At present, there are two main ISPs in China: Telecom and China Netcom. The bandwidth between Telecom and China Netcom is relatively low, which has led to many problems. This problem has an impact on information and communication of corporate companies. There are many logistics/distribution companies in the country. Due to the differences between the ISPs in the south and the north, the users in the north are slow to access the websites of the branches in the south and cannot exchange data. At the same time, due to the use of different ISPs in the South and North, the internal ERP system is difficult to use and can not even be used. To solve this problem, the current common practice is to use WAN routers on routers. Dual WAN routers have built-in telecommunications, Netcom routing, through the application of telecommunications Netcom each line, and then set the "Telecom go telecommunications, Netcom go Netcom" can make the local network PC can be efficient access to Telecom, Netcom site. If you combine the built-in VPN functions, you can also use VPN to dial in users' telecommunications and go through Netcom. In this way, the Vigor router took a highway between Telecommunications and Netcom. Netcom users access the Netcom line of the central router at high speed through the Netcom line, and then the central router sends a request to the telecommunication line to reach the destination telecommunications site. Then return data according to the original return. In this way, since the transition between Telecom and Netcom is carried out in the router LAN, there is no speed bottleneck, which solves the problem of slow speed between Telecom and Netcom at one stroke.

Multiple WAN router manufacturers also produce more products. After buying the equipment, the application of multi-WAN routers has attracted much attention. The following mainly discusses how to set up WAN routers to achieve fast access between telecommunications Netcom.

We took Vigor2910/2950 as an example to introduce how to set up to achieve fast access between Telecom Netcom. Divided into two kinds of situations, first, the stand-alone Internet access requires "Telecom to go Telecom, Netcom go Netcom" situation, the other is the branch more than one computer Internet access "Telecom go Telecom, Netcom go Netcom" situation.

The stand-alone Internet access/stand-alone needs “Telecom took Telecom and Netcom to go through Netcom”.

Single-machine dial-in router VPN, and then through the center router, “Telecom goes to Telecom, Netcom goes to Netcom.” ".

Setup steps:

1. Set up Telecom to go Telecom, Netcom go to Netcom, suppose wan1 is telecommunication line and wan2 is Netcom line , as shown below

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