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Dual router Internet connection and setting method

2018-05-17 13:03:55

Today is sharing Internet access for a home router. Because I haven't set up a router before, I'm going to set up two of them this time and I haven't done it for a long time. Find this method on the Internet, you can solve the problem of dual-router Internet access.


Method 1:

Point: Change the second router's own IP address and turn off its DHCP.

I. Only one router can access the Internet normally.

Two. 1) Set up the computer: Each computer preferably follows the following settings: Network Neighborhood - Right - Properties, Local Area Connection - Right - Properties, TCP/IP Properties, Get Automatically.

Two. 2) Set up the router.

It is best to set the router to refer to the instructions.

Router Settings You may have to set up two routers. The original router is named Router I here. The added router is named Router II. Which router to set, then use a computer to connect directly to that router, and at the same time, it is best to temporarily remove the remaining unrelated network cables from the router. The setting of router I refers to the following diagram:

In this way, Router II is used as a hub (HUB) and can be seen as transparent in some sense. Therefore, all the computers are equal in status, and there is no resistance to the access to the Internet. However, this side consumes two LAN ports, so an additional four-port router can only connect up to six computers. Because Router II is almost transparent, the gateway of the computer that connects to Router II should be the same as 123 computers, which is the IP address of Router I. However, since Router II's DHCP may cause the IP address to be set to 456 when it sets the gateway as its own, Need to specify it.

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