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Enter can not pop-up user name and password dialog box

2018-01-19 16:51:25

a lot of friends in the use of the router set password is always unable to pop up when the user name and password dialog box.Let a person.And Windows 7, let a lot of friends have replaced the system, but at the time of set the routing will still appear the above problems, XP system could solve some, but don't know the friend that Windows 7 is the difficult

here to teach you how to solve this problem in Windows 7.

1, check whether the computer and LAN port (1, 2, 3, 4 mouth any bite) even better, the router on the corresponding indicator is on.

2, if it's dial-up users, please delete the broadband dial-up connection, and select "Never use dial-up connection ".Click on the browser's tools - Internet options - connection, the following figure:

3, check whether the IE set up agents, if please welcome to cancel.Click the LAN Settings in the above, the following graph:

4, check the IP address of the local connection and IP router LAN port on the same network segment.If not in the same network segment, you can manually configure an IP address, as follow:

click "Network "The attribute of icon

click "Change adapter Settings "

double click "Local connection "

click "Details "Look at

5, if you modify the router management port, then landed should enter http://LAN mouth IP: port number.Try to login again after

6, restart computer management interface.More than

7, if still won't do operation, can try to reset the router.

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