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Extreme routing 3 real exposure: Gigabit / local Hao gold!

2018-02-11 10:34:11

a routing 3 real machine exposure: gigabit/local tyrants gold!

now, routing the official weibo revealing a picture of a suspected router, appearance is typical of a routing style, but and before any product is different.

at the same time, a source said to us, the picture is in the route 3 real machine, at the same time also gives us another photos.

from the photos, the appearance of the routing 3 to round, has adopted the local tyrants gold color.According to the previous, it will offer gigabit cable interface, support 802.11 ac wireless protocol, wireless transmission rate up to 1166 MBPS (300 MBPS + 866 MBPS).

it is said that it will launch in March 2015, we are looking forward to?

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