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Extreme routing computer page and APP page features what is the difference

2018-01-12 10:51:10

page and the APP has a routing computer functions: what's the difference between a

page and the APP has a routing computer functions have to differ?Computer page and APP function is introduced as follows:

computer page:

open a browser, input in the url, or click on a route website in the top right corner of the "The router background "Page, you can enter the router the background.

to enter the password, can the detailed router Settings:

to take a look at the middle of the first (1) (2) (3).

network Settings: can reset broadband account password and connection mode, also can be rewiring disconnect network link status.

wireless network Settings: you can change the WLan SSID name and password.Plug-in:

cloud can obtain great Internet speed by installing a plug-in experience, telecom, unicom, has been solved by the plug-in comprehensive across a network transmission problem between the campus network, will be watching the video, play games, download APP, upload a file, and keep the speed in real time.

connected devices: you can see are using the native network equipment, if it is found that a stranger connection, to force disconnect blocking, prevent hackers steal transmitting data, lead to unnecessary losses.

look at the four ICONS on the left.

geek community: here you can feedback some bugs, or to share with you some tutorials and welfare and so on.

system status, can know the firmware version, the Internet, local area network, wireless network of some information.

advanced Settings: general Internet just above steps set, these basic don't need to set up.

set the wireless channel: the channel is frequency, channel and near the same wireless router to the same time easy to interference, usually set to automatically.

unlimited access control MAC: can control device access, MAC address can see through the connected equipment.Time management:

system can be set manually little time.

router upgrade management: here you can upgrade the firmware, you can also view the firmware update log.(a few minutes to update well, quickly).

factory default: if the very wrong not solve, can go to a community for help, or restore the factory directly.Diagnosis:

router can view the extended memory card system, set up the router mode.(my memory card is 8 g, has the system change for corruption, because the SD card factory of the file system is generally vfat (32), the reliability of the file system as the Linux file system corruption, corruption can provide better performance and reliability, and more abundant functions, recommend to change system of corruption, specific modification methods behind).

mobile phone app page: create a routing account:

message center: you can see the device access.

you can also add other routers control.

can view the connected devices.

a key acceleration, make this device with a net.

to expand the signal, but will affect the signal quality.

physical examination can detect small extremely safety situation, help us understand the small pole.

mobile phone can also be installed plug-ins.

wifi traffic: see channels unblocked.

wifi timing closure and panel light switch.All in all,

mobile phone app and computer page functions are all the same, but mobile phone operation more convenient.

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