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Extreme routing wireless encryption settings, the laptop is not connected to what is going on

2018-02-13 09:25:27

After set up wireless encryption, notebook connection, you are advised to make the following operation:

a, check whether the wireless network card side configuration is consistent with the front-end router configuration.

1, cable into the router management interface, view the state of wireless router's wireless security Settings.Suggest that the router is adopted in the WPA wpa2-psk encryption.Check the wireless network in

2, in the wireless network connection, observe whether search to the wireless network is encrypted.

2, confirm the encryption method selection and the input password is correct, or connection.Turn off the wireless router security Settings, and disable the laptop adapter end encryption Settings in the configuration file.Detection in wireless without encryption, whether normal connection.

if wireless encryption can not normal connection, please update the wireless network name and password.

3, please confirm whether the customer set the MAC address filtering function (if set the MAC address filtering, probably because of not familiar with the rules of setting your wireless device also prohibits access).

after four, above all, it cannot solve, suggested user factory default configuration again.

a routing adopts the whole aluminum alloy shell, this in the current commercial grade home wireless router, is the only one.All aluminum alloy material, not only have the effect of beautiful, also can protect the internal motherboard, chip not be impacted by the external force, the key is to be able to get a good heat dissipation problems brought by the equipment work.Although the whole aluminum alloy shell to cost increases, but has very big benefits, in environmental protection in the future if the product scrap, metal shell can effectively recycle, not like plastic shell "Electronic waste ", it is also extremely routing at the beginning of the design is planning a good direction.

the integral design of the route is very small, thickness than ordinary wireless router thin many, even not a dime coin as standing high;Compared with the iphone 5, a routing also seem to be very small.Whether for use at home or go out to carry, the size of the routing will not let you have any discomfort.

wireless router's power adapter, often take two or three jack space, caused a serious waste of lug plate sources, consumer also is not convenient to use.And a routing type into the design of the adapter, make the space no longer crowded on the board, size is very small, easy to carry.

is a extremely routing across the product of The Times, the concept of the birth of it is enough to overturn the traditional wireless router, pattern of the whole market, also will have earth-shaking changes.At present the first generation of products, the products have entered the final debugging stage, in order to be able to more close to the consumer demand, research and development department made a adjustment, the part of the product function to more stable performance.At the same time extremely routing also offers a variety of colors for customers to choose, all aluminum alloy shell, bring you different sense.

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