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Factors affecting the performance of WLAN

2018-02-06 11:25:33

q: in the office set up a wireless network.Although all use the same equipment, but the transmission rate is not the same, what factors will affect the performance of wireless local area network (LAN)?

a: factors affecting the performance of wireless local area network (LAN) including:

1.Transmission power.A wireless AP sends most power below 100 mw, the bridge maximum power of 250 mw.

2.Antenna type and direction.Omni-directional antenna performance is poorer, directional antenna transmission rate will be higher.Typically, wireless AP using omni-directional antenna, wireless client using a directional antenna.

3.Noise and interference.Microwave ovens, wireless phones, the same or adjacent wireless AP channel, etc., will be important influence on transmission rate.

4.Building structure.The wireless signal will be after a multiple reflections inside the building, to wireless devices, causing multipath transmission, interfere with each other.In addition, the wireless signal when penetrating the wall, there will be a big loss.

5.Wireless AP location.Wireless AP should be placed in a higher position, so as to avoid other objects.Put wireless antenna at the same level, the highest signal strength.

6.Loss of connection.Wireless network card and the wireless connection between the antenna head loss, loss of feeder, etc., will also be weakened to some extent the wireless signal.

7.External factors.Object block, fog and rain, can also lead to the wireless signal attenuation.

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