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Fast fiber, it is highly recommended that these three entry-level wireless router

2018-01-29 10:43:13

along with the accelerated guide IT168 】 【 JiangFei + fiber door advancing, more and more home reached $100 m and 200 m even gigabit bandwidth, but many WiFi feedback said you don't feel the speed or speed faster, actually this kind of circumstance is likely because the wireless router upgrade!

why do you say that?Under the wave of mobile Internet, everyone became a "machine" hand, mobile phone upgrade faster, each a change in one year or even two years, and the mainstream mobile WLAN (WiFi) support ac 802.11 or 802.11 ac wave2, but as the optical fiber and conversion between mobile devices -- wireless router is not support 802.11 ac, or even years not to upgrade.,

wireless router based on the transmission speed is different, the price also from more than three thousand yuan to three hundred yuan, model very much, many friends will also feel do not know how to start, is the so-called wireless router is bad, even gigabit fiber also no use.,

first thing to do is choose wireless router WAN to gigabit mouth, only in this way can make MB bandwidth into full play, the second element must be 802.11 ac dual-band wireless router, finally given the high cost performance, we recommend the following a few entry-level wireless router:

H3C Magic R300 gigabit edition, 1200,

m dual-band wireless router first H3C Magic is not a network product recruits, H3C enterprise wireless market in China the market for 9 years, Magic is xinhua three group, intelligent household brands, technical strength vindicated.

magic R300 all gigabit port, satisfying the requirements of MB optical fiber transmission, gigabit wireless, support ac 802.11 standard, 2.4 G 4 x4 MIMO, 5 G 2 x2mimo, effectively meet the demand of the family use WiFi.,

- Fiji K2P AC1200 intelligent double-frequency gigabit wireless router

Fiji - adopted pratt & Whitney business model of science and technology (0 yuan bought), users receive wireless router K right after activation code, will be divided into three period (30 days) for each exchange, the first phase of 399 yuan, more than period 200 yuan convertible and eventually 0 yuan to buy a wireless router.

- Fiji K2P five gigabit port port, make full use of operators per one million bandwidth, let every ounce of bandwidth costs are worth.WiFi, support ac 802.11 standard, multi-input multi-output (MIMO) 2, 5 G 2.4 G 2 x2 x2mimo, effectively meet the demand of the family use WiFi.

asus RT - AC1200GU double-frequency gigabit smart dual-band wireless

1200 m router asus as main high-end wireless router, the RT - AC1200GU as entry-level products is also very is worth to recommend, five gigabit port + a USB port make it stand out.WiFi support ac 802.11 standard, multi-input multi-output (MIMO) 2, 5 G 2.4 G 2 x2 x2mimo, maybe someone ask why asus this product price is so favorable, mainly because of using mediatek chips.Each a wireless router,

the company passed the national low radiation safety certification (SRRC certification), can be at ease use, don't worry about the wireless signal overweight cause health concerns.

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