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Fiji and Founder broadband to establish a strategic partnership,

2018-01-26 12:28:16

1, Fiji - founder broadband strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in Fiji - headquarters.Fiji market with good marketing platform, President Chen jieren, Fiji Xu Weihang Beijing office director, founder broadband COO, deputy managing director sun, founder broadband business innovation department general manager Qiu Fei jointly attended the signing ceremony.Fiji - with the founder broadband intelligent products and business to achieve deep strategic cooperation, such as the Internet, and the future hand in hand and win-win cooperation mode has carried on the deep discussion.- Fiji market and marketing platform, President Chen jieren good said: "the Fijian dispatch and founder broadband strategy cooperation will start from the core products intelligent router, in 2018, step by step to advance in national regions.Fiji - + founder broadband router, intelligent hardware cooperation will be a kind of business model innovation."

the co-operation, Fiji and founder broadband in line with the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, the principle of equal consultation, complementary advantages, for the purpose of win-win, joint brand promotion and marketing activities, in the router, body fat scale, OTT box, air monitoring, intelligent lock series products, such as the Internet value-added business, call center business, combining the data centers and other business areas, form a new development trend.And the two sides based on promoting the development of their respective platforms, promote customer experience and product development direction, on the basis of cooperation by embedding patterns or marketing scene, give full play to their respective advantages, expand the depth and breadth of their cooperation, improve the economic benefits, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.Agreement was signed,

the two sides will lead the intelligent terminal router product promotion of cooperation.Relying on the large user base, both in terms of product and brand promotion, play to Fiji - characteristic such as high performance, remote control, intelligent router for home broadband users provide faster and more stable, more secure, more fluid network experience, better meet more equipment in the modern home networks using connections, live, big games, such as hd video requirements.At the same time, Fiji - will also play their own technological advantage and brand advantages, to provide necessary software services for founder broadband, realize the interactive communication, excavate intelligence lives in a broader market.,

founder broadband is dedicated to the public, business and government to provide information service, broadband Internet access and business scope covers the access to the Internet, Internet data center (IDC) and intelligent life value-added services.Supported by Peking University founder group, founder broadband fast growth to provide the family, the wisdom of community service high quality digital life comprehensive service provider.And Philip, as a definition of intelligent family and leading, stretch the development strategy of Smart Home, Smart Data, Smart Life three big business module, through innovative technology and superior quality service and products to the rapid fall to the ground, launched a series of intelligent hardware products, and constantly improve Data center foundation ability construction, to meet market and customer requirements.

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