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Flying Fish Star router port mapping failure explain

2018-05-23 14:00:39

I. If using IPBOOK to check that the user-specified port has been mapped successfully, but it still cannot be accessed, try to do a DMZ go out to see if there are other ports that need to be mapped.

Two users of dual-line access check whether the IP address of the interface used for the access corresponds to the corresponding mapped line or whether the source address is routed to transfer the server to another line but not to the mapped line. line.

3. The user of single-line access checks whether NAT has taken a pair of corresponding external network interface IP address, resulting in unsuccessful port mapping.

Fourthly, the user maps port 80 and changes the management port of the router to avoid conflicts. If it is still unsuccessful, change the external port to another port and exclude the impact of the operator's port 80.

Five, through the use of external network IP access mapping service on the internal network client, be sure to check the basic settings - the basic options to support port backflow.

6. If the steps above are not successful, turn off the anti-virus software and firewall on the router port mapping server.

Seven, port mapping unsuccessful general approach.

(1) Confirm whether the internal network can normally access the services provided by this host. If the intranet cannot access the network normally, troubleshoot the internal network and see if the host configuration is correct.

(2) The intranet server can connect to the Internet normally.

(3) Check whether the port mapping rules are added correctly to ensure that the mapping port is consistent with the port provided by the server. In the port mapping rule, the internal port to be filled in must be the same as the port provided by the service provider host. Can fill in as needed.

(4) Ensuring network security—blocking external network requests and external ports in defense.

The above is the specific troubleshooting steps for the unsuccessful port mapping of the ecliptic router. I hope to help everyone.

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