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Forget router administrator password how to do

2018-01-19 13:38:48
Home router administrator account and password is the home router management key, if the administrator account and password is forgotten, cannot enter the router, WiFi password can not see, can not modify the WiFi password, if you want to enter the router management, can use this method to try:
1, the default password:
Generally a lot of users rarely change the router password, you can use the default password attempts, default passwords are commonly used:
Username / password: admin/admin guest/guest adming/ space
The default password in the router behind the label, as shown below: IP, username and password are admin

2, restore factory settings >
Restore factory settings: the method behind a router, the Reset key (some protruding small buttons, and some things the concave concave button, the button need toothpicks or clip poke), router energized condition, hold 10 seconds (general road together by all the bright lantern. The Ok standard), the router to restore factory settings, like you buy back the state, the specific operation as shown below:
Restore to the factory settings to pay attention to, must have a backup network account and password, because the internet account and password will be reset.When applying for bandwidth, operator, staff will tell you to get to the Internet account and password, if this is lost, suggest you call the operator for customer-service calls
back to the factory, you can use routing optimization master Settings - > advanced Settings - > Internet access, fill in the online account and password, you can surf the Internet administrator account and password lost

router does not affect the router to the Internet, but cannot manage the router and the optimization, is also unable to set the router WiFi password.

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