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Forgot your computer's wireless password how to do? Teach you to check the router WiFi password

2018-01-19 12:15:48

time is long will forget the password, it is most people had the experience, must have forgot your home broadband account, wireless password forgot.So forget the computer wireless password?

general wireless password forgot, need to enter the router IP address, and then enter the user name account, enter the router's wireless Settings, can see the.Or you need to download and install the password to view the software only can see the wireless network password.

still more trouble both actually, today and you said a relatively simple method of check the WiFi password, is on the computer to check the wireless WiFi password, this is a function of the system at the computer, but many students are not used this feature, you can go back to give it a try!

I used here is going to demonstrate below, the first step is to open the "my computer", find "control panel"

as shown in figure, find the network and the Internet and open.Click on the open network and sharing center


in the left column, select the manage wireless networks, double-click to open.

I demonstrated here in the company computer, there are multiple routers, choose you want to view the router, click to view the properties.

points after open, select "security" TAB.

you can see the types of security and encryption type, as well as key, we have to see the network security is that we want to find the password.See above,

box in front of the display character, click play on the hook.

will appear below:

here demonstrate the company's wireless password, you can see we want wireless password.Hope this small function when you need to help you, if you feel a little bit, can pay attention to and share.

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