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Forgot your wifi password how to do? Forgot wifi password to teach you to easily retrieve

2018-01-22 17:43:04

because of his careless sometimes, time is too long, setting up good wifi password forgot.Very depressed at this time?How do I find forget wifi password?

the first, the computer is connected to wifi, you forget the password.At this time, you click on the desktop (wifi icon, select the connected the ap, right-click select properties.

will be displayed below the dialog, check the cutting head.

brings out the password after check, the following figure.

the second, the computer not connected to wifi, then need to use cables to connect to the computer.

open network and sharing center, click the local connection.[no Internet I will be using wi-fi instead of local connection 】

points, after local connection dialog box below appears.Select dialog shown below, arrow, click details.

and then to check the IPV4 default gateway address.

here in your browser's address bar enter enter into the router management interface input

router login password, the password is six lowest.【 if you forgot the password, I'm sorry you can only restore the router to factory Settings, and set the password again."

I can enter the management interface directly after the router to see the password.The arrow mark is.

can also find the wireless Settings, the following chart can mark to check the password.There are many different kinds of

router on market and function the same.Several simple can see the wifi password.

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