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Forgotten Broadband Password How to Set Up a Wireless Router

2018-07-11 14:40:02

What if a broadband password is forgotten? Many users will think of the first time calling a network operator and then the operator will reset a new broadband password. But now the problem has arisen. Once the broadband password is changed, the account password of the original wireless router will be invalid, resulting in failure to access the Internet. So how to set up a wireless password to change the wireless router? Below Pepsi Xiaobian detailed introduction method for everyone.

The method steps are as follows:

1. First, in the browser, open the router login address: 192.168 .1.1, then enter the administrator password to log in, as shown below.

Note: Different brands of routers may have different login addresses. If does not open, check The nameplate on the router body will be marked on it.

2. After logging in to the Router setup interface, click on the [Network parameters] button on the left. After that, you will see the PPPoE connection to the Internet account settings. We will go online. Password and Confirm Password: Change to a new broadband password. Click Save at the bottom as shown below.

After modifying the broadband password, it is still not done because the router configuration file is cached. After modifying the broadband password, it is still not possible to access the Internet. Restart the router.

3. Click on the "System" tool at the bottom of the left side, then click on "“ Restart the router", then click on the " " to restart the router” operation, as shown below.

After restarting the router, you will be able to access the Internet normally. If you still cannot access the Internet, you can check whether the broadband password has been entered incorrectly and re-enter it again. Restart the router.

Broadband password changed the Wireless Router Settings method for everyone to introduce here, the article finally told everyone that as long as the router can be used normally, and you can enter the router settings, forget the broadband password can With a background view of the router management, there is no need for the network operator to reset the password.

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