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Four ways to improve server data security

2018-01-30 10:22:34

at present, server rental hosting has become widespread, in the explosive growth of the age, the data for Internet companies, data security is particularly important.There may be some firms think that data is not critical business system, do not need to invest too much energy and money.In the server, a large number of data in the form of various files, these do not touch the files, images, tables, etc., once lost, can cause great damage.Today, teng is science and technology, small make up to you about how to improve the safety of server data,

a:the data backup regularly backup data meaning is that when the network attack, virus invasion, power failure or error after the accident, can complete, fast, simple and reliable to restore the original system, within a certain range of the normal operation of the guarantee system.With low levels of some of the backup data attaches great importance to the enterprise, once the server data appear suddenly lost or damaged, tend to regret and.In the aspect of data backup, the enterprise should be regularly tape backup, database backup, network data backup and update mirror, remote operation, etc., can also be used for multiple data backup, there was a problem in a redundant backup.

method 2: to establish a center,

had a disaster tolerance is not equal to everything, in the face of regional, devastating disasters such as earthquake and fire, only is unable to recover the data backup and disaster at this moment need to have a center, do remote data backup, to ensure that the original data is not lost or damaged.Data disaster recovery time is long, but the cost is low and build the implementation is relatively simple, methods mainly include real-time replication, timing, copy and store and forward.Of course, the data backup is the most basic, there is no data backup, neither disaster is realistic significance.Method three:



raid, using data raid disk array storage in Chinese independent redundant disk array for short.Simple said, is the hard disk according to the different ways of multiple pieces of independent combined to form a disk group, provide higher than a single hard disk storage performance and provide the data backup technology, thus greatly enhance the security of data.Called the way of disk array of different raid levels, according to actual condition choose appropriate raid levels can satisfy users to storage system availability, performance and capacity requirements.Store the data in this way, as long as not all of the hard disk damage at the same time, we can more easily restore the damaged data.

method 4: don't blindly operations or modify data

man-made wrong operation is an important cause of loss.Sometimes accidentally delete a file, or error formatting, false, false cloned partition (MBR) and partition table information lost, a deal could make the entire server and even the entire system to a halt and the outage.In addition to don't change or blind operation of the server, by the way, also can undertake reasonable permissions Settings is very necessary, such as: responsible for the daily update user with "edit" user permissions.So that we can reduce the wrong operation of the non-professional personnel, greatly improve the data security of the server.

in addition to the above four methods, choose the right server is quite important also.Teng is science and technology () self-built IDC data center, USES the international high-end brand server, providing high defense network architecture and adequate bandwidth resources, which can realize user data efficient processing, to ensure the safe and fast operation of the user web site, and thoughtful pre-sale consultation and after-sale service, can save a lot of problems for the customer in time.Teng is science and technology to better ensure customer data security.


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