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Frequently asked questions about Cisco switches, which switches in Cisco support Layer 3 switching

2018-01-16 09:40:10

Cisco switches FAQ answer:

Cisco switches common problem a: what are the current Cisco switches can support the layer 3 switching function?Answer:

Catalyst 2948 g - L3, 4908 g - L3 Catalyst, Catalyst, Catalyst 4006, 4003, 5000 series, 6000 series Catalyst, Catalyst Catalyst 6500 series.Common problem two:

cisco switches can 2948 g Catalyst and Catalyst 3500 xl GigaStack GBIC stack?Answer:

can't.Catalyst 2948 g is different from the structure of the Catalyst 3500 xl, and 2948 g Catalyst does not support GigaStack GBIC module, therefore, cannot be stacked common question three:

cisco switches Catalyst 2948 g - L3, 4000, 6000, the three layers of each packet forwarding rate?Answer:

Catalyst 2948 g - L3:11 MPPS;Catalyst 4000:6 MPPS;Catalyst 6000/6500: MPPS MPPS of 15 to 150.

cisco switches common problem four: Catalyst switches the maximum connection diameter?

to answer: yes, usually switches, Max diameter of 7, if more than this number will be in the calculation of spanning tree produce unstable state.So in the connection diameter of close to or equal to 7 should try to use the star network topology.Cisco switches FAQ 5:

catalyst 4000 ISL, is supported?Answer:

catalyst 4000 does not support the ISL, support 802.1 q.

cisco switches common question 6: how to determine your switch engine model?

answer: use the command SHOW the VERSION you will see the line card type: WS - X5xxx = SupI (generation) WS - X55xx = SupII (ii) the WS - X553x = SupIII (three generations) : when viewed from the outside physical generation engine - only reset button no PCMCIA slot.Second generation engine - reset button, active light, no PCMCIA.Three generations of engine - a PCMCIA slot and at higher levels even port.

cisco switches common question 7: what is among MSM in switches, NFFC, MSFC and PFC, their function?

answer: among MSM (Multilayer switch module) is 6000 on the use of three layer routing card, 6 MPPS ability of three layer forward NFFC is super engine 5000 series 3. X increased the function such as IP MLS, IGMP, three layers of filtration, and other functions.On MSFC 6000 super engine layer 3 routing daughter card, provide 15 MPPS L3 forwarding IP, IPX packets forwarding ability, cooperate with PFC card can provide IP multicast.PFC card is used to provide some of the three layers of function to switch such as VLAN access list control, QOS access list.And PFC card does not need MSFC installed, but install MSFC must install PFC.Common question 8:

cisco switches on the Catalyst 5000 engine III on the module WS - U5534 - GESX/WS - U5536 - GELX GBIC whether need?

to answer: no, it isn't necessary.The two modules is not gigabit module GBIC, just connect optical fiber jumper.Common question 9:

cisco switches in the Configuration Tool, Catalyst 5000 even module on how to appear?

answer: need to choose the corresponding engine and complete the Update or after the Check, even on the corresponding module will occur.Cisco switches FAQ 10:

Catalyst on 4003/4006 WS - X4232 - RJ - XX module and WS - U4504 - FX - MT module is how to use?Answer:

WS - U4504 - FX - MT is WS - X4232 - RJ - XX daughter card.

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