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Functional and practical wireless router, D-Link, DI-524M offer

2018-06-11 15:28:48

[IT168 market] This wireless router uses wireless and two network access methods, functional and practical, low price is very suitable for home users choose. At present, the latest price quoted by the company Dongzheng Weilong Technology Development Co., Ltd. is 100 yuan. A friend in need can pay attention to it.

Using a single antenna design, the body is quite compact. It is not an 802.11n product but a nominal 54Mb 802.11g wireless router. In fact, at present, the general household "broadband" is only 1Mb or 2Mb. For mass consumer wireless routing, it is enough. A 100M adaptive WAN interface, four 100M adaptive LAN interfaces are provided on the back panel, and these interfaces are marked with different colors. It can connect directly to four clients or access more clients through cascading.

Edit Comment: M has arranged a group on its front panel The status light can promptly remind everyone of the relevant network status. M performance is stable, easy to use, currently changing products are promoting, high cost performance, there is a need for a friend can contact the following dealers.

[Reference price]100 yuan

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[Quotes]D -LinkDI-524M

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