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General Router Upgrade Method

2018-07-11 15:08:58

Any technology product has an upgrade process, because the network is constantly updated with the times, so the router is no exception. There are many reasons for upgrading the upgraded router, most of which are programs, security, functions, etc. On the other hand, how do the routers upgrade? This problem is believed to be caused by many computer enthusiasts who have not thought about it. The following small editors introduce two upgrade methods for everyone: TFTP upgrade and WEB upgrade. The WEB upgrade needs to be performed under the state of networking.

The upgrade of the TFTP user TL-R402 series router is used as an example. The rest of the routers adopt the WEB page upgrade method.

Note: The upgrade process can not be powered off, otherwise it will lead to router damage and can not be used.

[TFTP Upgrade]

1. Log in to the router management page and enter the "System Tools" -> Software Upgrade ”:

2. Turn off the firewall on your computer and the other firewalls you have installed. Then double-click the Tftpd32.exe program in the upgrade package:

< p> Run the Tftpd32.exe program directly after it is running, and do not close it. (The program can be closed after the upgrade is complete.);

3. After the Tftpd32.exe program is started, you can click "ldupd.exe". ;Upgrade”, then wait for the upgrade to complete

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