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Glory Distributed Routing and Glory Routing 2 Which is Good, Glory Distributed Routing and Glory Rou

2018-02-12 16:23:08

recently, huawei has released two smart glory glory routing 2 and distributed routing router, two basic router function is the same, so the glory glory distributed routing and routing 2 what's the difference?Glory glory distributed routing and routing which good?The introduce for you.

glory glory distributed routing and routing 2 what's the difference?


glory glory distributed routing is three routing 2 combination distributed router, simply put, glory routing 2 for single product, and the glory of distributed routing integrates three glory route 2 is distributed router, in order to better meet the demand of large family, the large area such as double entry building user.


glory glory routing 2 price 249 yuan 249 distributed routing is price 899 yuan 899 due to the distributed routing of three glory route 2, if buy alone, $249 x3 = 747, distributed and expensive price will be better, but the added some matching technology in software, so look will be expensive.Summary of


in simple terms, both on the function are exactly the same, only the glory distributed routing WiFi signal coverage area is wider, can better solve the large family home users, double entry floor WiFi signal blind Angle problem, equivalent to a router + 2 two power combination, cat or three router wireless relay, to enhance the large area of WiFi coverage.Routing 2

, for instance, the glory is only one signal launch, glory and distributed routing is equivalent to launch three signal, can be placed in a different room or upstairs downstairs, and thus covering large home users better WiFi coverage and intensity, improving Internet experience.

glory glory distributed routing and routing which good?This glorious distributed routing

compared with the traditional multiple relay wireless router, the router + power cat model, use more simple, basic need not set too much, as long as the set up of the main road, the other two plug and play, use more convenient, but the price is relatively expensive.More than

is my glory glory distributed routing and routing introduce 2 which good, hope to help you.

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