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Graphic wireless router broadband speed limit setting process

2018-01-23 09:42:50

broadband router speed limit set for the opening of the broadband is how much, we are several computers to share the broadband, here we start with our broadband is 2 m, 2 people in use at the same time, the IP address using automatic access to broadband speed limits as an example to set up the router.

a, set up an IP address automatically gets

main parameters of the router first set.As shown in figure:

DHCP server: enable

address to pool:

address the end of the pool:


set up the computer.As shown in figure: right-click on the

online neighbors --Property --Local connection --Property --Double-click on the cp/IP - ->Obtain IP address automatically,

(2) broadband speed limit set

1, set up the IP broadband router control

before open IP broadband control box, broadband line selection: ADSL line, uplink bandwidth: 1024, downlink total bandwidth: 2048 (this place 2 M is 2 * 1024, 4 M is 4 * 1024), had better click "Save ".As shown in figure:

2, set up the IP broadband control rules list

I here to limit 2 computer broadband, so at the time of setting will set 2 rule, if you set a router broadband speed limit, must first delete all the original set of (click the delete all entries).As shown in figure: add a new entry -

->IP bandwidth control rule configuration (modify the following parameters, the rest with the default).As shown in figure: before

enabled box, address fill in: instead -, upside: the biggest downside: 512

to 1024, this place is the limited bandwidth of numerical, 1024 is split 2048/2, you can also set a bit bigger 1200 can also), finally after all parameters set click "Save ".Then add a second rule, add a new entry - ->IP bandwidth control rule configuration, enabling (box), addresses, upward: 512, biggest downside: biggest 1024, same as above after set up click "Save ".

final in order to prevent others to modify IP address, we can add another rule, in the address section to fill out:, set up to: the biggest 10, the downside is set to: biggest 100

steps you master router broadband speed limit?To use your own equipment to operate it online.

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