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H3C Gigabit switch which is good, H3C Gigabit switch different types of introduction

2018-01-05 16:27:27

guide language: in the field of the Ethernet, many brands of switches have been great changes, including hangzhou China three communication company is the most famous.China three communication company referred to as h3c, its switch after years of innovation and development, now in the switch power of the Chinese market and market proportion reached first, the few in the industry.Users know that there were various types of switches, divided into soho switches, fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet switch, and so on a variety of types, small make up today's topic is to introduce h3c's gigabit switches, hope that users are adopted.

a, H3C S1224

the gigabit switches to use response fast, simple and convenient, performance is stable, no noise in use process, the smaller the fuselage portable, didn't give a person the sense of heavy.But on the design of the appearance, it is thick line.It on the market price is 827 yuan.

2, H3C S5500-28 c - SI

the gigabit switches prices more expensive, but its performance and design is perfect.On the function is very rich, not only on the characteristics of business also is very rich, also supports the function of the stack, performance is strong, the quality is not tacky.Characteristic of the cluster management functions to meet the needs of users in the network management, security is higher, the cooling performance is also very good.Is many users agree on the price is very expensive.It on the market price is 7999 yuan.

three, H3C S5024PV2 - EI

this gigabit switches, performance is stable, and it is on the price affordable, although its application level is only two floors, but still very has the advantage to use, VLAN, it on the market price is 1650 yuan.

four, H3C S5024P

this switch of the relatively high cost performance, not only do manual work is very simple, elegant appearance is very attractive.With a long service life, quality is very good, is a lot of users are valued.But in the process of using a little noise, the performance was quite good, it's on the market price is 2399 yuan.

five, H3C S1224R

the switches and the first belong to the same series, but is different in performance, the interface is very rich, but there are some concentrated at the time of design interface.The fuselage to run was quite good, small businesses are suitable, and it can be used with very low noise, use the best in the company.It on the market price is 1249 yuan.Is more than

small make up to introduce several different models of h3c gigabit switches ratio are visible to the us.The introduction of small make up here will be over, want small make up the article to help you.

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