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H3C router how to set up Internet access control

2018-01-15 17:02:17

Now many home users through

telecom ADSL or other similar types of broadband Internet access provided by the company.Due to the cost of the broadband and low, and for most of the families without large amounts of data download users, one person or a computer exclusive a ADSL it feels a bit like a waste of resources, so now a lot of people are using a router to share a broadband Internet access.

this Shared access method is as follows: phone line - voice separator - ADSL cats - broadband routers, switches, hubs, computer, in this case the broadband router can be properly set up to get to the Internet control, steps are as follows: all users within

1, LAN IP and MAC address.

2 a lot of methods, get IP, recommend using LAN view tool, online search have casually.

3, obtained the method of MAC address: WIN + R, type CMD, use NBTSTAT - A view the IP address.

4, your computer IP and MAC method: WIN + R, type CMD, use IPCONFIG/ALL look at it.

5, the broadband router, landing, open the IE, enter, can appear login window, enter account and password, broadband router Settings page will be shown after the landing, on the interface can be set.

in order to make people more understand, as an example to illustrate, it is assumed that only allow your computer to the Internet, the steps are as follows:

1, the Settings page - DHCP server - static address allocation - will own IP address and MAC address binding.

2, the Settings page - firewall security Settings - firewall Settings - select open, open the IP address filtering, open three - choose anyone who is not in conformity with the MAC address filtering has set the IP address filtering rules of packets, prohibited by this router and only allowed to have a MAC address list has enabled the MAC address of the access to the Internet.

3, the Settings page - security Settings - IP address filtering - add a new entry - fill in the IP address, and select all entries.

4, the Settings page - security Settings - the MAC address filtering - add a new entry - the MAC address to fill in, and select all entries.

set up to do so, in addition to you, no one can on the network, but can normal visit, between internal access control implementation success, if you want to ban live a computer to the Internet, so in the Settings page - security Settings - the MAC address filtering - add a new entry - fill in prohibit Internet computer's MAC address, and select gives effect to the entry, such forbidden access to the Internet computer can not using the Internet, but between internal can normal visit.

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