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HD set-top boxes and the difference between ordinary set-top boxes, HD set-top how to install [Insta

2018-01-15 10:45:59

said to hd set-top boxes, everyone should not unfamiliar.Hd set-top boxes to high-definition television set, you can enjoy the wisdom of life.Hd set-top boxes for sale on the market, there is a common set-top boxes.A lot of people will want to know, hd set-top boxes and what is the difference between ordinary set-top box?Let small make up today to introduce you to hd set-top box and the difference between ordinary set-top boxes.

hd set-top box and the difference between ordinary set-top box

hd set-top box

hd set-top boxes, refers to watch HDTV needs technical equipment, in addition to meet the hd channels, also has the function of high-definition interactive digital TV network, also can let the audience to enjoy high-definition picture implementation never leave home can enjoy by high-definition interactive television register online education, online booking and online payment "One-stop "Online services, even all expenses such as phone bill, utilities, gas can query on interactive network and pay.Along with the national Internet popularity now there is a video browsing in the form of broadband access network resources, network game interactive network hd set-top boxes (also called hd box) of digital devices.


1 hd broadcast, network connection: high-definition player is with "Hd "The word is because it can play high-definition video, also can use the resources on the network (video, pictures, text messages, etc.), so the network TV box is generally equipped with high-resolution processing chip interface cable and cable WIFI card, is the user can convenient links to the Internet.

2. The TV show: in the name "TV "The term refers to the TV box mainly through TV shows, Internet TV set-top box can not only link high-definition HDMI cable, you can also link the traditional trichromatic AV line, compatibility is stronger.

3. External equipment: abundant external device extension interface

ordinary set-top box

now friends should not use digital television, through radio, film and television is equipped with digital TV set-top boxes to watch television.Television content of analog signal is converted into digital signal, digital TV set-top boxes, sent us through the processing of TV set-top boxes, digital signals into analog signal input to the screen.Through this method can avoid the TV signal in the process of transmission loss, but its definition is extremely cable, 640 * 480 in more.

ordinary set-top box only AV or S terminal only support 480 I.Hd set-top box besides the AV and S terminal have off color and VGA terminals, some HDMI terminal.

images will have the difference, but look at common channel is not particularly big.

ordinary set-top box is suitable for the old TV, hd set-top boxes for high-definition TV.

hd set-top box is how to install

set-top box to receive digital signals, divided into two kinds of Gao Qinghe sd on the market at present, the brand is much also, hd generally at least can watch more than 100 sets, can watch like CCTV - hd high clear channel and all the channels, the domestic hd channels, at present there are about a dozen or so standard definition of set-top box can only watch the standard definition digital signal, although more than the original home of ordinary TV programs But cannot watch HDTV, specific installation and charge consulting local business hall of radio, film and television (cable charges door), each local standards may not be the same, with a set-top box all need to plug in local radio, film and form a complete set of smart IC card, all CARDS are generally not general, no card don't get a lot, especially the HDTV, so better don't you buy the set-top box installed, lest damage.

hd set-top boxes which good for hd network television set-top box

believes that many friends choose are a little hazy, brand, model number, the price also much, ranging from about one hundred to thousands of yuan product, each manufacturer say their products are the best, but the specific how consumers do not understand, here is to introduce you to some skills of choose and buy:

1, see a resolution: for now, high-definition network television set-top box support hd resolution 1080 I, 720 p, 1080 p.In terms of definition, is a 1080 p >720 p >1080 I, which I and P represent different scanning way, theoretically P scan mode is superior to the I scan mode;

2, see interface: player interface, we also need to pay attention to the output interface type must be with the existing home or intends to purchase the audio equipment of form a complete set to avoid repeated wasteful investment.Want to remind everybody here is that some of the old type player HDMI HDMI interface is 1.1 or 1.2, if you need to next generation audio output will not be able to support, must choose version HDMI1.3 interface and above;

3, see network function: high-definition network television set-top box has the network function mostly, in addition to the Shared LAN, part of the machine also support WiFi wireless card with USB port, some machines can BT download online or on some video website, watch online video film.If you have the demand of the network function of set-top box, then try to select the product that support wireless network card and BT download, wireless is the trend of the future, and with the players directly download movies not only save electricity but also province two copies;

4, see the firmware upgrade ability: high-definition network television set-top box hardware technology is already very mature at present, but the software still has room to further enhance, especially high-definition network television strong compatibility, expansibility, can through the firmware upgrade to reality.Therefore, when the choice or it is necessary to consider the firmware upgrade ability, also need to you at that time to buy the product is not support some functions, also needs a firmware upgrade can solve, some products failure can also be used by the firmware update above

is a relevant contents about hd set-top boxes, hope can help to you!

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