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HTTP, 500 internal server error how to do

2018-01-11 16:58:04

what HTTP 500 internal server error 500 iis installation is complete, a running appear "HTTP 500 - internal server error "How to do?As long as three steps can solve the problem.

1. Run: regsvr32 % windir % / system32 / vbscript. The DLL (in fact, this step can also save, ensure that one thousand, or perform)

2. Run: MSDTC - resetlog

3. Reinstall the IIS


1. Microsoft only with IIS5 provides a management script adsutil. VBS, the script is located in the C: \\ inetpub \\ adminscripts subdirectory, first register vbscript. DLL.

2. The MSDTC. Exe is Microsoft's distributed transmission coordinator.The process calls system Microsoft Personal Web Server and Microsoft SQL Server, this service is used to manage multiple servers, normal boot must ensure that the service.

(1) the control panel - >Management tools - >Component services.

(2) find "Component services "- >"Computer "- >"My computer "- >"COM application "- >"IIS the Out - Of - the Process Pooled Applications".

3. If you cannot find "IIS the Out - Of - the Process Pooled Applications", or click can't open "COM application ", performed "MSDTC - resetlog"After reinstall IIS can.

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