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HUAWEI WiFi how to set up the HUAWEI WiFi setting method

2017-12-29 11:01:06

[introduction] now is an era of network, we walked the streets, you can see people use mobile phones in the Internet;When we are in the office, you can see the office network;When we are in the library, and you can see the library network.It can be said that the application of network is very common.Router or switch the emergence of network equipment, such as for the application of network and provides a great convenience.Huawei's brand is relatively good domestic production of routers, switches and other network equipment.The quality of its products.There is some doubt some friends for huawei wifi Settings, let below small make up to introduce, for your reference.

for huawei wi-fi router hardware connection setup first need to start from the hardware setup and connection.First we need to have the hardware connection.Cat light is provided by the Internet service provider to connect optical fiber devices, he can be very good transform optical signals into electrical signals.Our huawei router needs to connect with light cat, cat first light corresponding electrical signal interface leads to a line, on the need to connect to the huawei router wan;Then for the mouth of the router's LAN leads to a line connected to the computer.So the whole hardware connection is finished.We can live on experiment.

huawei wifi set

for huawei wifi Settings typically take the following steps to complete.

the first step, we need to set up corresponding computer IP address, set up according to the router that address will need to set.General in the router's instruction manual will have corresponding address Settings.We set the address of location in the image above has said.

the second step, we need to login the router's page.Login address is within specification.

the third step, we click the network setup wizard, carried out in accordance with the guide step by step set in it.Basically set belongs to fool level, until finish all need not special guidance.

and the fourth step is huawei wifi set, you need to set up a wireless network here.For all of the routers, basic Settings are the same.First of all, we need to click the wireless Settings, inside in the password Settings.Then open the SSID broadcasting functions.Step 5 is related to the end of

set, here in terminal Settings.

by the above simple introduction, believe everybody for huawei wifi Settings are already know.For most of the network equipment, its corresponding network connection is the same basic operations.

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