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HUAWEI router setup

2018-01-09 11:40:58

many friends should know huawei router, but for its setting problem could be a lot of people do not understand, so huawei router setting method is how?Here is to look at.

huawei router set method:


remind most super password access router routing password was not changed, a unified account for

: telecomadmin password: nE7jA % 5 m

2, routers governance mode to configure WBR

-204 - g wireless router, must know that the management of the router IP.Huawei 3 comwbr - 204 - g wireless router, IP management is, user name and password are admin.

will be a router connected to the computer with Internet, configuration of computer IP address, the IP address of the computer must be in the same network segment with the IP address of the router, the computer's IP address must be within the range 192.168.2-

3, entering the router Settings interface, in turn, click on the network and the connection with the INTERNET is a name, record the parameters or simply screenshots, connection type choose routing;Service list to choose the INTERNET;Just write down the VLAN ID and multicast VLAN ID fill in (each area is different, must fill in you just write down);Obtain IP way to PPPoE;Can make NAT off;Fill in the online user name and password;Automatic dial-up way below the picture shows the changed Settings.


WBR advanced Settings - 204 - g wireless router's advanced Settings option, the router Settings the same with other brands, including the WAN Settings, such as LAN Settings and wireless Settings option.Below each sub menu to carry on the detailed introduction.

WAN port Settings: WAN port setting main way is to configure user access.Users will own the mode of network access and related information to fill in in.Virtual PPPoE dial, for example, to show the user how to configure the WAN port.

click WAN connection type mouth "Will appear after a drop-down menu, select PPPoE, then their own account and password to fill out online, click save.The host name and PPPoE service name don't have to fill out.

5, setting after a successful Internet access device to connect the router to the Internet, suggest changes to the wireless router to prevent ceng network connection password.

first open the browser in the address bar enter into the login screen Referring to the following figure.Set slightly a little bit complicated and remember password is set up after the application of save Settings.More than

is a simple method is introduced about huawei router Settings, if you buy the huawei router, might as well according to the steps to set up in this paper.

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