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HUAWEI routing Q1 how to use, HUAWEI routing Q1 set up the online tutorials

2018-01-09 10:51:33
Routing Q1

huawei how to set?As a mainstream intelligent router product, huawei routing Q1 innovative USES the lash the concept of routing, plug and play of composite aircraft interconnected by child routers, to enhance the effect of cover, more suitable for large family to use, the following is a small make up of huawei routing Q1 set online tutorials, contains the router installation, setup and use tutorial Wifi connection.Huawei router


set tutorial step 1: connect cable routing Q1

huawei installation diagram

a), the first to use a network cable, huawei router WAN port of Q1 line with cat/light LAN port.

[note] : if it is no cat equipment such as optical fiber Internet users, the external cable routing Q1 WAN mouth can be directly inserted into the huawei.

b) if it is to use the computer to complete the router configuration, for the first time, also need to use a cable, the router LAN port and computer network adapter connected.

[note] : if no priority access to the Internet, you can skip this step.

c) huawei routing in Q1 packing box used to own the power adapter, connected to the router, and plugged in, to start the router.

the second step: set up

online as an intelligent router, huawei routing Q1 support a variety of ways and quick configuration, including the use of mobile phone browser, HiLink APP or computer browser, can easily complete the router Internet Settings for the first time.

let us in the most convenient mobile browser, for example, teach everyone how to set up the huawei routing Q1 to get to the Internet.

1, first enter the mobile phone Settings, and then open the WLAN wireless network, and search for routing Q1 to HUAWEI wireless signal, the name is "HUAWEI - TPQGAN", a direct connection, do not need to input password, as shown in figure.Huawei router Q1

2, successful connection after the wireless network, open a mobile browser, and then in the browser address bar enter any url to open, such as type in "m.jb51.net" and after open the browser and then jump to huawei routing Q1 first Internet setup wizard interface, and then click at the bottom of the "experience" immediately, as shown in figure.After

3, the router will automatically detect your Internet environment, if don't need to input the broadband account password, you can quickly complete the configuration.Broadband account password if it is required, will jump to need broadband operators offer after you input account and password fill in the interface, users fill out on broadband account password, click "next" to continue the operation, as shown in figure.

input broadband password is

4, and then you need to set up a new Wifi name and password, is completed, click the "next" below, as shown in figure.

set up the Wifi name and password (according to oneself to like setting)

in order to secure the security of wi-fi network Wifi password suggested setting is more complex, as far as possible more than 8 digits in length and contain letters and Numbers, best prevent by network.

5, it is best to set the router the password for the administrator login interface, you can open the Wifi password as router set password management, but for the sake of safety, recommend password or a separate set up the router management, complete, click "finish", such as

6, at the bottom of the click, after the completion of huawei routing Q1 configuration is complete, the router will restart automatically.After the use of mobile phones on our new connection Settings of Wifi, and enter the password that was set can successfully Wifi Internet connection.After more than

complete set, not only can connect Wifi network access to the Internet.Desktop computer through Ethernet cable connected to the router LAN port, also can be wired Internet access.Finally it is worth mentioning that huawei routing Q1 also provides zi lu by function, you just need to simple matching extension Wifi signal coverage, we bring to you a later huawei routing Q1 mother routing and zi lu by matching tutorial.Is more than

small make up to bring us huawei routing Q1 set online tutorials, hope can help to you, you if there is doubt, can give us the comment box below message oh.We will do everything he can to answer them.

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