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Handlebars teach you to solve router problems

2018-02-07 09:31:37

Preface: use the router's population is now accounts for a significant proportion of, in general, the router, as long as you don't offend it, how don't strike, of course, is not to say that it strikes, you have sinned against it, you know why it is good, drink some beer today & hellip;& hellip;A little more than words & hellip;& hellip;, below the list of simple said the solution to the home network fault.

main faults are:
fault one: only on the QQ can't on web pages.
fault 2: computer can surf the Internet, computer can't go to
b fault 3: all the computer can't.

for failure, it is easy to think of the DNS this little thing, it is what use?In short, he is a converter, transform domain name for the computer can identify the digital - IP address.Just don't say too deep, it is good to know.Known, QQ login is not need to transform domain, that is to say, don't need DNS this thing.Use the browser to browse the web will be used.So, we need to manually set the DNS.
first of all, we need to know the region telecom DNS (network center).

open operation, input "Cmd"Into the DOS window of the window

entered the DOS window

type the command: ipconfig (here is a space) - all (enter)

in the following there, we can see that the DNS is how many

after know what is the DNS, we manually modify the DNS
opened the local properties of

open "TCP/IP protocol "Attribute

we choose to manually set up DNS, enter the DNS

right-click the local connection to repair

now have a look, can browse the web cough up & hellip;& hellip;
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7.15 update
in fact, the second and third kinds of circumstances, can be combined into a situation to solve.
we know that N computers connected on a router, it formed a small local area network (LAN).Computer and can connect to the Internet, but not computer b, this kind of situation, we first need to one by one to solve the fault, it's not from soft to hard, but start from simple to complex.
first of all, we need to confirm that the physical connection is normal.Here, we need to use a simple command: ping
to briefly explain the ping command.The format is: ping IP address.Spoken is, the ping command is through some packets from the computer network card sent to a router, the router then return packets.If the packet can be returned, so, the passage from the network card to connect to the router circuit is normal.
Open the DOS window, how to open Please see the previous article
Enter ping
Explain here, this address is the legendary router gateway, the gateway is something, the list has not found yet Good analogy, you need to know the altar friends can Baidu go

because the list's network connection is normal, it will show that the data packet is returned.

But if this result shows, it shows the line is not clear < br />

Hey, because the network cable pulled out

test lines smooth, but still can't get to the Internet, we need from the aspects of the software.
first of all, we exclude you the problem of drive.Here, a lot of friends will be dependent on driver genius or drive the driver update software, life list but feel, not as a last resort, finally through the two things to look for, because sometimes, the two things would increase difficulty finding the right driver, of course, the novice, is slowly, really can't, when using the two software, to be more quick.List is generally through the EVEREST to see what is its network card type, or directly open the case and see what's the chip model, then ask baidu great god.
updated driver, still can't get to the Internet, we can directly to the computer system reinstall b luo & hellip;& hellip;Heavy should & hellip;& hellip;Hey hey, the next time, list and tell you my little experience of the system.
ok, the second failure is solved.Third, in fact, like the second idea, which is a bit more complicated, in fact also nothing important.Clear thinking, what to say.
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and the third is all well the computer on the network.
the same, we need to start from the simple.
the first step, all the computers can't connect a router, only one of them even.
at this time, we still need the ping command, open a DOS window, enter the ping win7sky.com.Here to explain, we directly ping, baidu's web site has two advantages, first check whether line, the second is to check the DNS Settings has a problem.

if appear below this kind of situation, we need to enter the router configuration there to see luo

into the router configuration interface.
in your browser's address bar enter gateway address into

enter the user name and password, the default is admin

just went in the setup wizard will pop up, we exit the setup wizard

here we can see the basic information of the router working state

open on the left side of the "Network parameters "- WAN port Settings -
at this time we can see some information on your right.
to check the connection type is PPoE,
connection state is connected, if there is no hint say connected, will enter the Internet account and password again

ok, if the above check finished, no, this computer can surf the Internet, we need a add a on a router used deduction lai.Solution as the second, there is not much said, list only speak a little, it is flexible to use these tools, be too rigid, make sure the train of thought, and then to the solution, or at sixes and sevens, only high worse and worse.
ok, that's the end.Support list please post, please give me a little money.
here thank those in my economic difficulties, even invited all released, relief of my friends altar.Thank you very much!

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