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Heat exchanger cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning steps

2018-01-05 12:08:53

with the improvement of living standard, many families have installed central heating and hot water unit, heat transfer and heat exchanger is to cold flow of the equipment.But heat exchanger after prolonged use can also damage and corrosion, today IT encyclopedia will tell you some of the heat exchanger cleaning method and matters.

this kind of method is to cycle through the heat exchanger, a chemical solution to dissolve dirt on the surface of the plate, eduction.This method does not need to open the heat exchanger, simplifies the cleaning process, and to reduce the cleaning degree of labor.Due to the plate corrugated can promote the cleaning fluid severe turbulence, beneficial to dissolve dirt, so the chemical cleaning method is ideal.

this kind of method is to manually with the brush after plate washing, so as to achieve the goal of clear plate surface dirt.This method proved to be more directly, but a hard and a thick layer of scale, it is not easy to clean.

in the case of dirt layer is hard and thick, just use this kind of method is difficult to clean.Synthetic method is to use chemical cleaning method to soften dirt first, then clean with physical method to remove dirt, to keep the plate clean.

1 chemical cleaning solution to maintain a certain velocity, average of 0.8 ~ 1.2 m/s.The purpose in and increase the degree of turbulence solution.

2 for different dirt should adopt different chemical cleaning fluid.In addition to often use diluted soda solution, for the scale of 5% nitric acid solution available.Generated in the soda ash production scale, can use 5% hydrochloric acid solution.But shall not be used on board a corrosive chemical detergent.

3 physical washing is not allowed to use carbon steel brush scrub stainless steel sheet, so as not to accelerate the corrosion of plates.At the same time can't make plate surface scratch, deformation, etc.

4 after cleaning of the plate to dry, rinse off with clear water and should be placed to prevent deformation of the plate.Above

is IT an offer of cleaning method and the matters needing attention, heat exchanger is an essential part of heating and hot water supply equipment.In the process of using electric appliance, we also need to be timely maintenance.Use for a long time without cleaning heat exchanger will accelerate the corrosion of heat exchangers, shorten service life.Hope everybody can clean the heat exchanger in time, reasonable maintenance of heat exchanger.

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