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High-power four-antenna router free grab, not quick to see

2018-01-25 16:02:03

1) don't want to go online to buy - sell supermarket "jingdong home",

2) shopping without cash - WeChat payment & amp;Pay treasure payment!

3) fear of change -- members get a zero wallet save it!

4) the old man buy couldn't move - free delivery you rest assured!

5) the old man out of the door is not convenient, telephone booking order more convenient!What shopping is the most cost-effective,

6) - selling supermarket "card",

7), high performance\/price ratio, and fresh fruits and vegetables - selling supermarket "fresh zone",

8) bought after don't want to - hit supermarket unconditional return!

9) to buy goods more expensive than the outside, the reception desk to refund the difference!Activities involved in store address:

gold street shops: tanggu district AD jiefang road and the school street gold selling supermarket across the street, big banyan tree

Newport shop: tanggu district Newport road no. 3 ziyun market the negative a layer of

eco-city shop: tanggu district eco-city and xu road second negative one layer at a community center, 

router limited number!Stocks last!

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