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Hirschman switch how, Hirschman switch features overview

2018-01-15 13:16:12

hersman but a home appliance subsidiary of Germany, its reputation is also very high, after all hersman company set up in the last century 20 s, have been to one hundred years ago.Hersman in chemical industry, scientific and electronic research, but year after year, therefore, it is also more and more consumers.For example, hirschmann switches, is a kind of very good signal forward special equipment, it can be use unicom network, also can be used through the light signal to forward information.

Neckartenzlingen hirschmann electronics company located in Germany, the product range includes the analog and digital broadcasting and television transmission technology of mobile launching and receiving system, the enterprise and industrial network solutions and field bus system.Company by "Banana plug "The father of Mr Richard Hirschmann was founded in 1924.After 81 years, hirschmann this had only one company has developed into leads the world in the field of modern communication a modern enterprise.How about

hirschmann switches, advantages:

the main function of hirschmann switches, including physical addressing, network topology, error checking, frames, and flow control.Switches also has some new features, such as the support of VLAN (virtual local area network), support for link together, and even some still have the function of the firewall.

1. Learning:

1 hirschmann switches learn the MAC address of each port connected device, and will address together with the corresponding port mapping in switches in the cache MAC address table.

2. Forward/filter:

when a data frame of the destination address in the MAC address table mapping, it is forwarded to connect the port of destination node instead of all ports, such as the data frame is broadcast/multicast frame is forwarded to all ports)

3. To eliminate circuit:

when hirschmann switches includes a redundant circuit, Ethernet switch by avoiding loop of spanning tree protocol, while allowing existing backup path.

finally briefly summarize the basic function of hirschmann switches:

1. Like hubs, switches, provides a large number of available for cable connection port, it can be used in a star topology wiring.

2. Such as Repeaters, hubs and bridge, when the frame forwarding, exchange opportunities to produce a distortionless square electrical signals.

3. Like Bridges, switches, all use the same on each port forwarding or filtering logic.

4. Like Bridges, switches, local area network can be divided into multiple collision domains, each collision domain is independent of the broadband, thus greatly improving the bandwidth of local area network (LAN).

5. In addition to the function of Bridges, hubs and Repeaters, switches also provides a more advanced features, such as virtual local area network (VLAN) and higher performance.

hirschmann switches there are many kinds of classification, a switch can be used for telephone voice, another is used for optical fiber switches, no matter what, all belong to network equipment switches.Hirschmann switches, of course, not only have 2 switching, and the layer 3 switching, and even of layer four layers are involved.At the time of purchase of hirschmann switches, let us go to the models according to their use to buy hirschmann switch, do not blindly buy oh, buy or loading, but is not working.

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