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Home essential, the new router WiFi Internet more convenient

2018-01-26 09:45:27

in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard, as if overnight, MB optical broadband has entered the ordinary family, broadband continues to improve, 200 m and 500 m, even gigabit bandwidth has been quietly into the common people, and many families in the upgrade of broadband, at the same time also replaced the dual-band gigabit router.

 however, under the condition of the high bandwidth, double-frequency routing, WiFi Internet user experience has not been a lot of ascension, what is more disturbing, many users live house area is larger, more room, WiFi signal after the wall is easy to become unstable, drops and the signal is poor, and at the same time use the Internet too much equipment will be caton, even appear offline, crash;Some users home wi-fi is often met with network, network security protection.

 although the general dual-band router has 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi for we use two different frequencies, but which spectrum with WiFi manual switch is needed to get a better WiFi experience.As in the sitting room, even the mobile phone is 5 GHz WiFi, when in the toilet, is too far away from the router, network card, then you need to manually switch 2.4 GHz WiFi to comfort to the Internet, over time, many people are too lazy to switch.

as we all know 2.4 GHz WiFi poor anti-interference and high speed again how, after the spread of 2.4 GHz WiFi, all will slow down, and the high speed of 5 GHz WiFi useless, so this is why the user feel fast speed does not change one of the reasons.

for WiFi is often rub net, probably because part of the function of the router without a ceng net, so the WiFi password to be cracked.Network was invaded in addition to cause bandwidth occupied, speed slow, may also disclose personal information and privacy.

want to one-time solve WiFi doesn't automatically switching frequency, tore the net, and poor coverage problem, a set of routing nova tengda villa can be easily done., 

in WiFi coverage, tengda villa routing nova using the latest science and technology of black Mesh technology, and all of the routers through 5 g WiFi connection each other, to form a distributed grid network, each router to send and receive signals at the same time, effectively expand the coverage of WiFi, even across the floor is not speed attenuation.

tengda villa routing nova innovation using two-frequency combination technology, to 2.4 G and 5 G WiFi together, share the WiFi name a automatically judge the strength of two signals, which quickly which, was relieved from the need to manually switch WiFi frequency band.

not only do the WiFi double-frequency unity, frequency automatic switching, routing nova tengda villa also supports seamless roaming agreement and MU - 802.11 v\/r MIMO technology, in the protection of equipment in different signal smooth switching between the nodes at the same time, can significantly improve the bandwidth interest rates and increase the amount of machine, from now on to the network card said bye bye.,

in addition, questions about the rub the net allows users to worry about, tengda villa routing nova configuration professional "ceng prevention network" function, when found new equipment into the network, you can use the "Tenda WiFi" management APP a key block, let strangers can't even on your WiFi.If you have friends and relatives to come to the house a guest, can open "network" visitors to open a separate WiFi for guest use, can effectively protect the safety of home network, prevent leakage privacy and master network WiFi password.

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