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Home mobile phone network can not be how to do? Step by step to teach you troubleshooting

2018-01-22 14:01:37

in The Times of network, network brings us a convenient and quick.But in use process will inevitably have some fault, I am often asked "How to connect the wifi, but it was not on the net "?Believe that you have encountered a lot of friends, the computer can't surf the Internet is the cause of a variety of, have the software and hardware problems, needs to suit the remedy to the case, according to the specific situation.Below small make up teach you step by step, the network breakdown, need friends can refer to it.

a, not on the home network specific points in the following categories:

1, network equipment failure (include: optical wireless routers, switches, cats), broadband, cable fault fault




equipment connection diagram, computer or mobile phone fault, fault

methods: not on the

home between partly caused by wireless router, as long as the lines are connected to the normal situation, first check whether the wireless router.Some people say: wifi I can even, just not on the net, it should not be a router problem.Here small make up tell you is that you connect the WIFI signal is your cell phone or laptop etc with the router connection, doesn't mean you can connect to the Internet, or your router does not have a problem.

why to say to want to begin with the router screening?There is a reason, because some router hot work or don't come easy to crash.Although crashed, your router WIFI signals can be connected, but not on the net, as a result, this kind of situation just restart the router, the router unplugged 10 seconds to plug in again.

if often appear the phenomenon of crash, so that this router has quality problem, you had better change a.

if restart doesn't work, so we first into the router management interface to check the situation.Into the router management interface, find the running state, and then check the status of the WAN, as shown in the figure below: WAN in

if it is as shown in figure display (WAN not connected), that might be the cat to router between cable is not plugged, or router WAN is broken.In the case of thunder WAN is easy to break.If

is pictured above two WAN show (is connected...), it is best to your broadband account with a password to enter it again, if not solved, so might be the cat is out of order, or is in the maintenance of broadband, broadband or overdue bills.

if running state there WAN display as shown in the figure below, it means that the router with broadband is no problem.

so if it is not on the computer network, mobile phone can, it must be the computer the question.

2, the computer can not on the net is generally poisoning problem

card card or system there are several: nic driver problem, nic is disabled, network card is broken,

if the network card driver, then we will just reinstall the drives down.If is the network adapter is disabled, then we will card re-enable, if the two are not solve, so we try to reinstall the system if the installation system still can't on the network, so can only change the network card.

below nic driver, entering the device manager to check the network card driver.

is the nic is disabled, as shown in front of the card is a Red Cross.

if it is a computer can surf the Internet, mobile phone unable to connect to the Internet, so is your cell phone, some apple mobile phone after modify the WIFI password will not be able to reconnect the WIFI name, have to modify the SSID to connect again, if you are unable to connect to modify the SSID and password, it means that your mobile wireless network card is broken.Is the home more than

general network failure problems, this paper mainly introduces some solution and may involve a hardware problem, believe to the novice friends will have certain learning effect.If you also have the same problem may wish to refer to the above method!!!!Hope to share of this article to be of help.

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